The Christian Meditation Group

Introducing Parish Meditation Group, which welcomes new members

St Edmund’s has had a Christian Meditation Group for more than 20 years, since Edward Crouzet initiated it as a newly-arrived Parish Priest. The inaugural session was led by Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, president of the World Community of Christian Meditation, and has been run under his guidelines ever since. The group is a registered member of the World Community and uses many of its available resources.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 14.51.45We meet once a month, usually the first Wednesday, at three o’clock in the Presbytery, and this is advertised in advance on the website and in the parish Newsletter. Any changes will be notified on both these platforms. Each session begins with a short talk or reading to create the right ambience for the 20-minute period of silent meditation. We sit in stillness and silently repeat our mantra, a single word or phrase, which focuses our minds. The aim is openness of heart and a recognition of God in our lives and in the life of others.

The group is ecumenical and always welcomes new members. If the arrival of a new member is known in advance the session will revert to basics in order to ease the person into the group, and also help existing members. The session concludes with a cup of tea and an informal chat. The whole session lasts less than an hour.