Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative committee which advises the Parish Priest on matters relating to the pastoral life of the parish. Members of the council are chosen to represent different aspects of parish life in both Bungay and Harleston, the School, those involved in various parish activities such as choir, reading, children’s liturgy, and parents of children of various ages etc. Currently, our committee includes Father Charles, Shirley Kalinauckas,  Carole Hunt (treasurer), Samantha Barlow,  Jenny Beaugeard,  Mary Kirk (communications), and Cathy Scott.

Representing the Bungay congregation: Cathy Scott.

Representing the Harleston congregation:  Shirley Kalinauckas

The officers of the PPC are: Shirley Kalinauckas (chair), Carole Hunt (treasurer), Sam Barlow (school), Jenny Beaugeard (Children’s Liturgy), Emma Brocklebank (families), Mary  Kirk (communications), Father Charles (ex officio vice-chair)

The PPC meets every three months and parishioners are invited to put forward any ideas they would like to have discussed by the PPC. This can happen by speaking directly to a member of the PPC or by using the Suggestions Box. (There is a Suggestions Box in both Bungay and Harleston.)

Read the PPC Constitution

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