Children’s Liturgy archive

These are examples of some Sundays’ work.

Sunday 18 March 2018 (Helen & Frances)

Today we listened to John’s Gospel about the time Jesus was thinking about His Crucifixion and Resurrection, and said to His disciples that a grain of wheat must die in order to produce a harvest of many grains.  Using a sunflower as an example, we discussed how the sunflower seed dies to produce a beautiful flower, full of more sunflower seeds.  And so it is with us – by remaining close to Jesus, we can grow in love and produce more love to spread throughout the world.  For our activity, we used painted paper plates to create sunflowers which we then decorated with sunflower seeds.


Sunday 18 February 2018  (Helen & Anna)

Today we listened to Mark’s Gospel about Jesus living in the wilderness for 40 days and we discussed how we might get closer to Him during Lent by praying, fasting and giving more.  In our activity, we explored different ways of doing this and also read through Pope Francis’s suggestions.  We all completed a special My Lenten Promises sheet.

Sunday 04 February 2018  (Jenny & Anna)
We listened to the Gospel from Mark about how Jesus was a healer of all those who were suffering in many ways. He did this quietly then left the crowds to pray. We talked about why he left that village and went to heal others.

Jesus the healer


Sunday 24 December 2017  (Jenny & Anna)

Aida created a wonderful Christmas tree from shortbread. Her top tip is a little lemon flavoured icing makes the biscuits taste great!

Shortbread Tree

Today the children created Christingles with red ribbons, a symbol of Jesus’ blood when He died for us; the candle is a sign of Jesus being a light of hope for the world; the four sticks with fruit and sweets help us thank God for all the good things we have and that He had created in the world.
Happy Christmas to all the children who have come to Liturgy in 2017!


Our Crib










Sunday 10 December 2017  (Jenny & Anna)

On the 2nd Sunday of Advent we lit our beautiful Advent wreath candles (to purples today) and listened to the Gospel about John the Baptist preparing a way for Jesus.  We talked about Hope and looking forward to Jesus coming.

2nd Sunday of Advent


Sunday 03 December (Helen & Lisa)

The first Sunday in Advent marks a time of waiting and expectation as we look forward to Christmas.  Only God knows when the second coming will be be, but in in Today’s Gospel from Matthew, we are reminded to stay awake and be ready.  For our activity, we decorated and added the the first purple candle, symbolising hope, to our Advent wreath.

The Candle of Hope

The Advent Wreath










Sunday 12 November 2017 (Jenny & Anna)
Today we listened to the Gospel from Matthew, when Jesus told a parable about a bridegroom being late and some bridesmaids remained ready and prepared for him to arrive.
We talked about the meaning of the parable and how we can be ready for Jesus one day returning to us.

Be ready!


Sunday 22 October 2017 (Jenny & Anna)
Today we heard the Gospel from Matthew, with the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus. He told them to give back to God what comes from God. We talked about the love God gives us and how we can give this back.










Sunday 17 September 2017   (Jenny & Anna)
Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew was about how we should try to be ready to forgive others as God is ready to forgive us when we are sorry.
We wrote our prayers or thoughts down and created a poster.
Then we asked God to help us forgive others when they are sorry.



Sunday 02 July 2017   (Jenny & Anna)

We listened to the Gospel from Matthew about welcoming others as we would welcome Jesus.
We talked about recognising that we should try to include others, be kind and caring to everyone, even when it takes effort from us. We talked about how we would welcome Jesus to our home if he visited and how we treat special visitors.   Some thoughtful  ideas  today.


Sunday 4 June 2017 (Jenny & Anna)

Today we celebrated Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles, after Jesus had ascended to Heaven (we discussed the Ascension last Sunday).

The Holy Spirit Descends on the Apostles


Sunday 28 May 2017  (Jenny & Sonia)

Today we talked about the Gospel from Matthew and how the disciples were going to be sent out to spread the Word. Before  He left them, Jesus said “…I will always be with you until the end of time…”
We talked about how this was a message for us today too.

The Ascension


Sunday 14 May 2017  (Jenny & Anna)

Today we heard the Gospel from John as Jesus talks about returning to his Father. He told his friends to trust saying”I am the Way, the  Truth and the Life…” We talked about following Jesus’ teaching on our journey through life.

I am the Way, Truth & Life

Sunday 30 April 2017  (Jenny & Alexandra)

We listened to the Gospel from Luke about the time the disciples walked on the road to Emmaus.  They didn’t recognise Jesus as the man who joined them on their walk, until He broke bread with them later.

We prayed that we might see Jesus in those we meet this week.

3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday 23 April 2017  (Helen & Alexandra)

Today we listened to John’s Gospel which tells the story of “Doubting Thomas”, who refused to believe that Jesus had appeared to the disciples, until he got to see and touch the wounds of Jesus for himself.  We discussed examples of things that we believe exist but which cannot be seen with our eyes, e.g. the air we breathe or feelings such as love or hatred.  And, although we cannot see these things, we can observe their effects on our lives.  Similarly, although we cannot see Christ with our eyes, we can ensure that He is reflected in our lives every day, by following His example.   We closed with a prayer, thanking Jesus for the gift of faith.

Doubting Thomas Colouring Sheet

Sunday 9 April 2017 Palm Sunday (Jenny & Anna)

We listened to the Gospel reading about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds shouted ‘Hosanna’  and we heard how they waved palms to welcome him like a king. Everyone took a palm cross home which Father Charles had blessed.

Palm Sunday

Sunday 2 April 2017 (Helen & Sonia)

In today’s Gospel from John, we read about Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead – a reminder of Jesus’ own death on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  We talked about life and death in nature e.g. how the daffodils appear to die after flowering but have a bulb hidden underground which enables them to flower again next year.  And caterpillars, who appear to die and then take on a new life as a beautiful butterfly.  As Christians, we believe that, after we die, our spirit will continue to live with God in a new and different way. We don’t understand much about this new life but, like Martha, we trust in Jesus and know that we will be happy because we will be with God.

Jesus is the Resurrection and Life


Sunday 19 February 2017 (Helen & Lisa)

This Sunday we listened to Matthew’s Gospel on the theme of “Love Your Enemies”.

We discussed how God loves all of us and wants us to care for all the members of our global family – not just our family and friends.  But it’s not always easy to be kind to people we don’t like and, often, we just want to punish those who upset us. However, God asks us to be brave and to try a new way of living – to stand up against what is wrong with kindness, understanding and forgiveness, and to pray for those who hurt us.

For our activity, we considered different groups of people that we might find easy or difficult to love. We then did an exercise to help us to forgive those who have hurt us, by thinking positive thoughts about them, remembering that God loves them, wishing them well and praying for them.

Sunday 12 February 2017  (Jenny & Anna)

Today’s group listened to the Gospel from Matthew about The Ten Commandments  and how we can follow them.  We talked about saying sorry and forgiveness , peace and respect for all our brothers and sisters in our global family.



Sunday 08 January 2017  (Jenny & Anna)

Today we heard the Gospel from Matthew about the Wise Men arriving to see Jesus born in a stable.  We talked about what special “gifts” we had to give to others which included listening to friends, caring, being friendly, love and a smile.


Sunday 18 December (Helen & Alexandra)

Today, we lit the final Advent candle, representing peace, and discussed Matthew’s gospel where the angel appeared to Joseph.  The angel told Joseph not to be afraid but to take Mary to his home, where she would give birth to the Baby Jesus.   We also discussed the Posada and invited the children and their families to host the Posada in their home for a night.  The Posada will return to the church in time for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.  Finally, we made christingles and lit them, before wishing each other a very merry Christmas!


Sunday 11 December   (Jenny & Anna)

It was the third Sunday of Advent  and we heard the Gospel reading from Matthew. We heard how John the Baptist was in prison but sent his friends to Jesus. They saw Jesus healing and Jesus told them to go back to John and tell him this. Jesus explained how John had prepared the way for him and John was important.
We put the third pink candle on the Advent wreath and talked about it being The Advent Sunday of joy .

Sunday 16 October

Today we heard the Gospel from Luke 18:1-8 which was the Parable of the widow and the judge.   We heard how the widow asks repeatedly for justice from the judge.  She never gave up and was given justice.  Jesus said that God, as a loving Father, will answer our repeated prayers, so persist in praying and they will be heard. We talked about prayers not always being answered in the way we expect!

The widow & the judge

The widow & the judge

Sunday 18 September (Helen and Alexandra)

The focus of today’s Gospel from Luke was HONESTY – what it means in day-to-day life and how, if you are not honest with the little things, then you will not be honest with important things.   We shared examples from our own lives and then worked together on our HONESTY activity, see below.   Later, each child was given an “honesty jar” to take home and decorate.  They will use the jar over the coming week to collect money, which they will present to our visiting priest, Fr Bernard Waave,  as part of the Overseas Mission Appeal next Sunday.



Sunday 11 September (Jenny and Alexandra)

Today we talked about how each of us is special to God , He loves and will forgive us if we ‘move away ‘ from Him and then come back to Him.   We talked about the parable from Luke’s Gospel where  a shepherd loses a sheep from his flock  and when that sheep is  found  how happy he is.   We discussed the meaning of this and made the sheep.



Sunday 04 September 2016  (Fran and Sonia)

In Luke’s Gospel this week (14: 28-33) Jesus is heard telling a crowd of people two stories. The first is about a builder who must consider the costs involved in his venture and the consequences of not doing so and the second refers to a Kings army of 10,000 men set to fight an army of 20,000 men and the considerations and alternatives open to the King. Jesus tells the crowd that if they are to follow him then they too must count the cost of being his disciple and belonging to the Kingdom of God.

We began by discussing what a disciple is and the qualities that make a good discipline. Then we decided that in today’s Gospel Jesus is asking us to think carefully about what is excepted of us as one of his followers and to plan our lives so that we can love one another, keep Gods rules and be kind and forgiving. We touched upon how difficult it can be sometimes to make the right decision especially when our actions appear unpopular and we talked about how we could plan to be a better friend or sibling and what the costs could be if we fail. As we had older children in attendance this week, we then went on to complete a word search looking for words that remind us of some of the material things in life that we may sacrifice in our commitment to being a good disciple and the rewards of love, friendship and eternal life in heaven if we succeed.

We finished with the prayer:

‘Lord, help us to follow you always, and give us the strength to carry on when we are struggling. Help us to make the effort to do things God’s way so we will be able to share in your Glory in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen’

Our activity was a Wordsearch, based on the theme of discipleship.


Sunday 24 July (Helen and Alexandra)

This Sunday, we talked about the Gospel story from Luke, when Jesus explained to His disciples that when we ask, we receive.  When we seek God, we find Him.  When we knock, God opens the door.

We exchanged a few fun “knock, knock” jokes and then discussed how prayer is rather like a “knock, knock” joke, in that, if we want something to happen, then we must “knock, knock”.

For our activity, the children chose from a range of colouring activities, all based on the theme “Thank you, God, for listening to my prayers”.


Sunday 19 July (Helen and Alexandra)

Today, we discussed the meaning of Jesus’ call to take up our cross and follow him.  In everyday life, means doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.  For example, including someone who is unpopular at school in our fun and games, helping with the family chores at home or sharing our toys with a brother or sister – even when they’re being annoying!

We also discussed the different names that we have for Jesus – for example, the Son of God, Good Shepherd, Lamb of God, King of Kings, Bread of Life, the True Vine, the Alpha and Omega.

For our activity, we decorated our “crosses” with images that remind us of the different names used for Jesus in the Bible.



Sunday 08 May (Jenny and Lisa)
Today in Children’s Liturgy, we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord and heard the Gospel reading about this.
We discussed how the disciples listened to Jesus and how joyous they felt when Jesus told them “I am with you always,yes to the end of time”.   We talked about what this meant for us now and made the poster  below together, which we then took back into Mass.

I am with you always

I am with you always

Sunday 01 May (Helen and Sonia)

Today we listened to John’s gospel, which tells the story of when Jesus gave His disciples the gift of peace.  He then told them not to be afraid as He would always be with them. We talked about what peace means to us and, for our activity, we decorated doves of peace.
I give you my peace

Sunday 24 April (Jenny and Adrienne)

In  today’s Gospel we heard how Jesus gave the disciples a new commandment to love one another as I have loved you.
We talked about how we could do this and what we thought it meant.

Love one another...

Love one another…



Sunday 17 April (Jenny and Anna)

Today is the 4th Sunday of the Easter  Season and we heard the Gospel from John.

We talked about how we listen and get to know God in prayer and by listening to the readings.
We thought  about how we are all in his flock and how God cares for us like a shepherd cares for the sheep .

I know them and they follow me

I know them and they follow me

Sunday 10 April (Helen and Adrienne)

In today’s Gospel story from John, we heard how Peter was out fishing with his friends but they hadn’t caught a single fish.  Then, a stranger approached and advised them to cast their nets over the other side of the boat and, very soon afterwards, their nets were bursting with fish.    Peter knew this stranger was Jesus.   Jesus then prepared a fish meal and invited Peter and his friends to join Him.  Jesus later asked Peter to become the first leader of the His Church.  Today, Pope Francis is the leader of the Catholic Church, helped by Bishops, such as our Bishop Alan, and  priests, such as Fr Charles.

For our activity, each child received an invitation card (see below) and then decorated the fish on the front of the card.

Fish invitations

Colourful fish designs

Fish invitations 2

Invitation from Jesus











 Good Friday 25 March

Today, we listened  to the account of how Jesus died and talked about the Station of the Cross.  We looked at a crown of thorns,a spear,the nails and sign on the cross”I.N.R.I” and then carried the cross in procession back into church. The bare cross with a purple cloth was on display until Saturday’s Easter Vigil Mass.  It was then turned around to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead with a white cloth left over it.  Happy Easter!

Cross on Easter Sunday

Cross on Easter Sunday


Sunday 20 March (Helen and Anna)

On this Palm Sunday, we discussed how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a humble donkey and was greeted by a very excited crowd, who waved palms and placed their cloaks before Him on the ground.   Some of the people there did not believe that He was the Son of God and did not like to see Him treated like a King.  But Jesus’ followers welcomed Him with great excitement, shouting “Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”.

For our activity, we made some paper palms, which we used to decorate our plain brown crosses, reminding us that although Jesus was welcomed with great rejoicing on Palm Sunday, He was then crucified on the Cross on Good Friday.  We also decorated our drawing of Jesus on the donkey entering Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday artwork

Palm Sunday artwork


Sunday 06 February (Jenny and Anna)

Today we heard from Luke’s Gospel about how Jesus called Peter and others to leave their fishing nets and boats and follow Him.  We heard how Jesus went out in the boat and told them to try fishing again, despite Simon Peter telling Him there had been no fish to catch all night. When they caught more fish than ever before, Luke tells us they decided to follow Jesus as his disciples.

We then talked about how we follow Jesus and that next week is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men


















Sunday 10 January (Jenny and Anna)

Today we read the Gospel from Luke about John the Baptist baptising Jesus.  We talked about how John didn’t think he was important enough to baptise Jesus but Jesus thought he was.We heard how the Holy Spirit then came down like a dove and how the Holy Spirit helps us every day to help others in need.   These are the pictures of Jesus and John the Baptist which the children started to colour.

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord



Sunday 03 January (Helen and Lisa)

Our first Children’s Liturgy of 2016 took place on the feast of the Epiphany.  Matthew’s Gospel tells the story of the Three Wise Men following the star to Bethlehem in order to adore Baby Jesus and present Him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. We talked about the meaning or symbolism of those gifts and then discussed what gifts we might offer the Infant.   We are all born with different gifts – for example, some of us are good at sport or at doing our homework or we are able to make others laugh and feel happy – so we thought about our special gifts and wrote/drew a picture of them on special “gift” cards.  We then put all these gifts into a gold, star-shaped box and presented the box to Fr Charles during the Offertory.

epiphany 1 epiphany 2 epiphany 3


Sunday 20 December (Helen and Alexandra)

We opened today’s Children’s Liturgy by lighting the fourth Advent candle and then went on to make Christingles in preparation for the arrival of Baby Jesus, the Light of the world.   We talked about the symbolism of each aspect of the Christingle  as we added “seasonal fruits” (delicious dolly mixture along with snow white meringues for Winter!) and candles to our oranges.  We then dimmed the lights and lit all the Christingles before closing with the Posada prayer.     Merry Christmas everyone!