Family Mass Mothering Sunday 2017

Family Mass was a double celebration in that it coincided with Mothering Sunday and was also Laetare Sunday.
As ever, the children did the readings and bidding prayers and presented the offertory gifts which, on this occasion, also included baskets of posies. These were given to mothers after the Mass.  The parish children’s choir led several of the hymns: the young school choir, all dressed in their smart uniforms and growing in confidence every time we hear them, led the Communion hymns.

Fr Charles delivered a special homily to the children, on the theme of the New Covenant.  He explained how, unlike other ‘deals’ that are too good to be true (he mentioned a letter he received recently, promising him the possibility of owning a Porsche and being the envy of his neighbours!), the New Covenant could be regarded as a genuine bargain. As part of this bargain, after Good Friday, Christ carries the heavy burden of our sins and in return asks us to carry a relatively light load by loving God and loving our neighbour.

Fr Charles then reminded us that sin is a three-lettered word with ‘i’ in the middle, noting that selfishness is often at the heart of sin.  He closed by suggesting that, although we were now in the fourth Sunday of Lent – a time when many of us have strayed from our Lenten promises – it was not too late for us to start afresh by trying to put the needs of others first.

After Mass, we gathered in the hall for a Mother’s Day celebration of tea and beautifully decorated cakes,

and to gave thanks to all mothers, both past and present.