• Please help provide refugees with the necessities of life

Pope Francis called migrants and refugees “seekers of peace”, and urged us to do what we can to help them. The theme of Peace Sunday (14 January) this year is migrants and refugees.

From our parish Mary Kirk is organizing a collection of priority items needed in Calais to provide migrants arriving there with clothes, necessities and food. Mary will then spend a week working at the Auberge des Migrants, run by Help Refugees.

The CALAIS priority items list can be found by clicking on the link or at https://helprefugees.org/calais/needs-list/ and there are copies of this list on the boards at the back of the church and at the entrance to the Jay’s Green chapel. Only those items on the list, clean and in good condition, can be taken.

There will be collection points at Jay’s Green (on Sunday 21 January) and in the covered area by the presbytery door until Tuesday 23 January. Or telephone Mary on 01379 586717.

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