• Father Charles has lucky escape!

Father Charles  had a narrow escape at the weekend as violent winds blew a stone cross onto the roof of the church sacristy while he was in there.

“I was unharmed,” said Father Charles, “Apart from the shock at the extremely loud bang which sounded like a small bomb.”

On Saturday 10 August, at about 10.30 am, a brief but violent wind-storm hit the town of Bungay and blew off the stone finial cross at the north-west end of the apex of the church roof at St Edmund’s.

The stone appears to have fallen first on the sacristy roof some 10 metres below and broken a large number of clay tiles while part of it broke off and bounced onto another face of the same roof and broke more tiles before falling to the ground.

Father Charles said,”In all I would estimate that more than a hundred tiles were broken and the wooden sub-structure and felt lining of the roof in at least two places was damaged. Some guttering was also broken off.”

Quite miraculously there was only slight damage one of St Edmund’s famous Victorian stained-glass windows nearby and no damage appears on the inside ceiling of the sacristy.

The church has insurance for storm damage brokered by the Diocese of East Anglia which has arranged for a loss-adjuster to visit the site within the next few days.