• Family Fast day for CAFOD

Friday 23 February is a day to give up a meal and give generously to help some of the poorest people in the world. And this Lent, that giving can make double the impact, as every £1 you give will be matched with another £1 by the UK Government.

By fasting, we can focus on what really matters – our relationship with God and love for our brothers and sisters.

But not all our brothers and sisters can choose whether or not they go without food.

What you give goes to help someone such as Marian, a mother, and her two sons who live in Zimbabwe. The older son, Tawanda, lived his childhood without enough to eat. Marian used to leave him in the morning to find work. She would return hours later to find him sitting in the same place. “I didn’t have enough food to give him,” she said. “He hadn’t played, or even walked. It was very painful to see him like that.”

When Tawanda was a teenager, Marian had another son, Svondo. He was brought up on fresh vegetables, beans and peanut butter. Now seven years old, Svondo is growing healthy and strong. He plays with his friends. He’s happy.

These two brothers both had dreams. But one was prevented from reaching his God-given potential.

The difference between these two boys is you.

Your donations helped to give Marian some seeds. And she did the rest. She worked hard month after month to grow a vegetable garden and she didn’t stop until it flourished. So, unlike Tawanda, Svondo didn’t go hungry.

But no child should have to go hungry. Since I began talking to you, eight children around the world have died from malnutrition. The lack of good food made them vulnerable to everyday infections.

On Family Fast Day, as we pray and fast, we bring to mind all God’s children. We remind ourselves that as God’s family, we are all connected – when one child goes hungry, we all go hungry.

  • There will be a second collection for CAFOD Family Fast Day on Sunday 25 February.

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