• A school assembly for Fr Charles

On Tuesday 20 March St Edmund’s school celebrated Fr Charles’s Golden Jubilee of Ordination with a special assembly which was also attended by parents and governors.  The ceremony opened with the children singing Here I am, Lord accompanied by Mrs Short on piano.  Mrs Barlow then welcomed Fr Charles and invited the children to present their tributes to him. Each class took a slightly different approach and while art featured strongly, we also had stories, memories and poetry.  Bringing the tributes to a close, the children from Year 6 presented him with a wonderful portrait painting.   Fr Charles thanked the children for their artwork and kind words of appreciation, joking that he was in real danger of becoming very big-headed following such praise!

There followed a question and answer session which allowed the children to explore much about Fr Charles, his life and times and his interests.  And it was obvious from the interaction that the children have great affection him.The topics covered were wide-ranging and included: Why did you decide to become a priest? and What type of books do you like to read?   However, the children were also interested in more practical matters such as Why is your Bible so big? and – probably speaking on behalf of all the children present – Will you share your cake with us?

Quick to take the hint, Fr Charles formally cut the specially decorated Golden Jubilee cake before the closing hymn, On Eagle’s Wings.   After the assembly, staff, parents and governors joined Fr Charles for tea and cake.  And yes, there was plenty cake for the children too.

The children’s behaviour was exemplary throughout and the singing was strong and confident, demonstrating the huge strides made by the school under its new leadership. Congratulations to all the children and staff who worked hard and creatively to make the celebration so special. We are proud of you all!

• Click on the picture of Fr Charles cutting the marvellous cake and open a flipbook of the children’s artwork and comments.

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